Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NRP#53 - Desgarre Rectal / Shitnoise Bastards - Split now available!

NRP#53 - Desgarre Rectal / Shitnoise Bastards - Split

I'm really excited about this release, it's been planned for a little bit. Desgarre Rectal is really raw awesome noisegrind from Ecuador (!!!) and Shitnoise Bastards is one of the best noisecore bands out there hailing from Malaysia. This is one of the best noisecore splits I've heard in awhile and I highly recommend everybody getting a copy!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

NRP#52 - SKGB - Life Is Really Nice And Stuff

NRP#52 - SKGB - Life Is Really Nice And Stuff

Experimental chiptune from Philly. Cover / insert are actually cardstock on this release, with art on both sides! Fancy fancy. We got together and assembled this at a show in Philly I played last week. We got in da soup and it was a fantastic time!

This release is great, spraypainted purple c46.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

NRP#51 - FlareUp / GIRL - Split now available!

NRP#51 - FlareUp / GIRL - Split

Insane hardcore split between FlareUp (Indonesia) and GIRL (Minneapolis)! These are absolutely two top notch bands and I've been excited to do this split for awhile. Limited to 50 copies, get yours today before they're all out!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NRP#50 - NOGBLOG LIVES! now available.


Artists who were there since day one and always supported the label, 2 years later, here's a cassette compilation for them. Without them I probably would have never made this compilation, let alone it being the 50th physical release on the label.

Lots of sick tracks on this, check it out! I made it only 2 dollars + shipping so all of you can enjoy a tape of it as well. Buy one.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

NRP#49 - Matthew - Pure Roleplay now available!

NRP#49 - Matthew - Pure Roleplay

Avant garde/experimental/noise from Kutztown, member of Ghost Dads, Dogcar, and The Teammates.

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New stickers!

New stickers are here, 2nd pressing stickers, the first ones have been gone for almost a year (though I recently found 11 of them kicking around my room, if anyone wants one let me know), this time they're vinyl stickers, so they're more quality than the last run. These'll come free with all packages, so put them sick places and take photos of them in said sick places for me to put on the NOGBLOG. Also if you know me irl, just ask me for some and I'll give them to you.

Friday, August 8, 2014

NRP#48 - C-90 Dreams - レイトナイト空虚 now available

NRP#48 - C-90 Dreams - レイトナイト空虚

I don't know what vaporwave is because I don't know anything about this new generation, but I think this is it. Vaporwave from Ireland, done by Callum of Little League Records. Full EP is on each side of this c20 (please don't be angry with me that it's not on a c90)

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Monday, August 4, 2014

NRP#47 - Dubious Disc - Kirby EP now available!

NRP#47 - Dubious Disc - Kirby EP

Super chill chiptune, I'm sure none of you are a stranger to Dubious Disc's chill vibes. This album does not suck, unlike the character in which it's about. Ffo really good chiptune and Kirby games.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

NRP#46 - Disleksick / Methlab Explosion - Split now available!

NRP#46 - Disleksick / Methlab Explosion - Split

Split between Disleksick (Canada, noisecore) and Methlab Explosion (Ohio, harsh noise). A must-have for all of you, this split rules. c10, limited to 25 copies. $4

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Friday, August 1, 2014

NRP#45 - Daywand - Subconscious Sanctuary now available!

NRP#45 - Daywand - Subconscious Sanctuary

I like doing releases for people from the LV, it's nice to rep my home on the label for sure. Daywand is the project of Dylan (Wondertaker, Tertium Quid, USD, etc), and now the project has evolved into a 3-piece with Devin (Near Earth, Sky System), and Cale. Daywand's always had a wide range of sounds, and on this release it's a very psychedelic sound and it rules hard. Check it out!

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