Saturday, January 31, 2015

NRP#80 - EXTERNAL - No Worth But Still Existing now available!

NRP#80 - EXTERNAL - No Worth But Still Existing

Chiptune by one of your favorite artists, EXTERNAL.

Dark blue c46*, limited to 25 copies.


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Friday, January 30, 2015

NRP#79 - Tape Monster - SLIME_ATTACK_DEMO now available!

NRP#79 - Tape Monster - SLIME_ATTACK_DEMO

Harsh noise / drone demo I made for 2015. Hope you enjoy!

Tinted green c15, limited to 25 copies.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

NRP#78 - Shitnoise Bastards - Police Brutality, Police Violence bizcard CDr now available!

NRP#78 - Shitnoise Bastards - Police Brutality, Police Violence

 Raw noisecore from Malaysia, they're always a pleasure to release for! This time on a business card CDr. insert is a little blurry because the place that prints for me messed it up. or maybe gimp did. I think this might be their first business card CDr release which makes me even more excited!

Limited to 20 copies. $2+shipping
Some other label is releasing it on limited single sided cassette as well. Stay tuned for more details on that when I acquire them!

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Still need cassette cases as well, once I get those I'm going to be cranking out tape releases like crazy, two of which in this batch include the always awesome SNB!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Update 1/18/15

Hello! I'm gonna start posting silly updates on the label on here in addition to new releases to keep the NOGBLOG~ more active. We're up to 77 releases and most of them are still in stock, so here's to keeping track of it all.

I know, I owe a lot of packages, a few orders, a handful of artist copies, 2 or 3 trades. I haven't forgotten you. You know who you are. I'm gonna do 2 or 3 mail days in the next 2 weeks just for you guys!

Expect a lot of new releases in the near future. I got some pretty solid orders (thank you so much!) from some good friends, so I purchased blank tapes for 17 upcoming releases (from Deltamedia too, I used the overpriced site so you could have a larger palette of color at your fingertips when picking new tapes to buy!) I still need to get cases though (and a pack of cdrs for tape masters), but the blanks should come tomorrow in a giant box. Yay!

While I don't have an exact list of what is included in this order, some of the releases consist of material by I Killed Techno!, BxUxG, Tape Monster, Gas Station Of Love, Unconventional Punctuation, Unconventional Seagulls, Shitnoise Bastards, N0123NOISE, Sergeevich, Justin Dismemberlake, EXTERNAL, Spacecakes, Extreme Hair Stench, Decayin' Corpse, Corvid Canine, Umbah, Eyes Of The Naga, the flattest whale, REZEEGTNUK and more.

As for current releases, some releases have sold out recently:
Broken Key / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Goodbye, Hell
Dubious Disc - Ilex Forest EP
Tape Monster - Water Odor
EXTERNAL / Top Loader - Split
pawk-man - Pickle floppy disk

A few releases are fairly low in stock, as well.
So Much For Best Friends - Leaving
Corvid Canine / Micahcore - Split
Corvid Canine / Tape Monster - Split bizcard CD
Esion Vs. Hallucinocide / Fun With Dead Things - Split
We All Hope For Happiness In A Sad, Sad World - S/T
Corvid Canine - Haunted Forest Melodies
Redsk - Splitcollection #1
Seagulls Fucking Seagulls / Redsk - Split
 I think a few others are fairly low in stock too, but those are the ones off the top of my head that I remembered.

Also there will be a new compilation coming out pretty soon! It'll be a cool one, and it'll have a tape run eventually. Also a few new floppy disks and new business card CDrs as well. I got a Shitnoise Bastards bizcard coming out pretty soon that I'm particularly excited about. Maybe I'll order a pack of mini CDs later on too, I'd like to get some of those out including an old SFS split and a physical rerelease of that terrible KANGASKHAN'SBABY debut EP, since Worst Hits has been sold out for awhile.

 Also, coming this year is NOG's very first vinyl release on 7"! A split between So Much For Best Friends and Koala Tea Time, it'll be cool. Both bands are the homies. No I won't release your grind band on 7", this is a lengthy effort where two labels (me and Elsewhere Recording Co.) are throwing in and two bands. Just to clear that up, because I get a lot of bands asking me to release their stuff on 7", and it's way too costly to do it for everyone.

Upcoming shows I'll be a part of! Yay!
Feb 5th - Eris Temple Arts in Philly with lotsa cool philly noisy people including 185668232 and Whoopsydaisy. Really excited about that. 5 dollar donation will get you cool free things. Yay!
Feb 7th - Pittsburgh with Redsk, Methlab Explosion, and lots of other online noise people I've been dying to meet for years!
Feb 12th - Hava Java Cafe in Allentown, PA with Cat Thumbs, Conversation Parade, Nate Marks, and Pink Hex. Super stoked to play there, Thanks Billy!

Yell at me to post updates more. Keep your eyes peeled for cool new releases from cool friends.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

NRP#77 - mhzesent - Music Sucks now available!

NRP#77 - mhzesent - Music Sucks

Experimental hiphop beats from Poland

Music really does suck, but this doesn't. Check it out!

Blue c60, limited to 25 copies.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

NRP#76 - Noiseattack / REZEEGTNUK - Split now available!

NRP#76 - Noiseattack / REZEEGTNUK - Split

Hard hitting noisecore cassette between Noiseattack (Brazil) and REZEEGTNUK (Canada), both incredible bands. A must have for anyone who loves raw noisecore.

Black c15, limited to 25 copies

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