Friday, February 28, 2014

Distro Items From Palemoon Productions / Duck's Domain!

I arrived home from work to a beautiful package today! CDrs from Henry C. Rial, owner of the fantastic Palemoon Productions and currently Duck's Domain! If you buy NOG items, expect to possibly see one of these items in the package, or one of the many other distro items! I'll also have these at the show tomorrow if anyone is interested in getting a copy of one of them. One of them is a split involving SFS's second collaboration release.

Also in the distro department, I also got a few copies of the Archagathus / Jeffrey Dahmer split 7" from the absolutely amazing Placenta Recordings!

Don't forget to buy one of the two new tape releases also ;)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

NRP#17 - Esion Vs. Hallucinocide / Fun With Dead Things - Split cassette now available!

I'm actually really stoked about releasing this. This is a split of brand new tracks from the harsh collab of Esion and Hallucinocide, and the raw noisecore beauty of Fun With Dead Things. From the creator of Sludgesicle Records, Mike Sludgesicle and V (Bucket of Piss), we have 3 amazing projects on this super sick 2 way split! Two harsh tracks from EvsH, and a handful of awesome noisecore from FWDT. Tape is on a clear c40, and is limited to 25 copies! Buy a copy here or contact me for other possible means of purchasing a tape! $4. Support! :3

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NRP#16 - Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - MA BOII cassette out now!

I made this EP initially in about autumn of last year. MA BOII was a new direction for SFS, experimenting with a new style. As opposed to my usual harshness provoked by contact mics, instruments, etc; this time I spawned an EP out of raw data noise. Brought together by importing various things into audacity and editing heavily, I created this short little EP for the world. The EP is on a clear c10 in a soft poly case. You can get it on the Storenvy or you can contact me to get it by other means.

Hand numbered, limited to 25 copies, $4 USD. Support! <3

3/1/14 - Podrum Mahzeni show!

Saturday, I have my first SFS set since August of last year, and I'm stoked about it! There'll be a little bit of everything from NOG available at this show, including two new releases that'll be released between now and then! Every band on this show is killer and I highly look forward to it! It's in the basement of vwyrd wurd owner, Earl. The lineup is also really vast in terms of styles, which is awesome! Also, Gezan is from Japan and rules really hard, support! Contact me or anyone else you know attending this show for details on where it is! Support locals :3

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Free NOG Downloads 2/16/14-2/22/14

We only had 2 releases digitally on NOG this week, but there's a lot coming physically soon! Stay tuned!

2/18 - NR#238 - Corvid Canine / Micahcore - Split (Bandcamp) - Here's a short little split that's actually going to be receiving a tape fairly soon. Short, sweet, fast and furry. This is the first time CC is releasing on NOG, but I've always been a big fan of his work (with any project Matt does).
2/19 - Rambo Hates Rainbows - RHR Jam Session: Black Metal (Bandcamp) - Lo-fi black metal jams from the beautiful Rambo Hates Rainbows!

I Killed Techno! - Dawn Of The Final Day mini CDr

New distro item available! I Killed Techno! - Dawn Of The Final Day mini CD! This is the second IKT! non-NOG release available in the distro, so check it out! Each one is hand numbered and are in varying colored slim-cases! Maybe you'll find one in a NOG order you make eventually ;) and if you want a copy yourself hit up me or Eric of IKT! for a copy, they're $3.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

NRP#15 - We All Hope For Happiness In A Sad, Sad World - Self Titeld EP cassette out now!

It's finally here, the first NOG Records screamo release! It's the self titled EP of We All Hope For Happiness In A Sad, Sad World! This is a project that's done by Micah who's known for like 500 other projects, most of which also release on NOG. He always brings lots of awesome stuff to the table. Joining him for this EP, new member, Handsome Daniel who's also behind the project Unwell. They're actually going to be a 3-piece now after this, with Azaria Chamberlain / He's Lying, Kill Him member, Toby Nye, on bass. This EP is a short sweet piece of beauty that's on a clear c10 with painted labels, housed in a soft poly tape case. It's available on the Storenvy or you can contact me some way or somehow to arrange another way to obtain it! You can also get it for free here.

If you dig it, buy a copy, $4 USD. Limited to 25 copies, hand numbered.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Free NOG Downloads 2/9/14-2/15/14

I'm going to be posting downloads to all the free downloads in the NOG digital catalogue every week now on Saturday! They can be accessed when released on the Facebook.

2/11 - NR#234 - Micahcore - Bad People; Bad Songs (Bandcamp) - A little grind EP from Micahcore. 3 tracks of noisy grindy spazzy goodness! Expect a business card CDr of it in spring!
2/12 - NR#235 - Are You Afraid Of The Dog - Life's A Mitch (Mediafire) - I've been waiting for this for awhile, AYAOTD is a long time veteran of our beautiful scene we've crafted. Typically bearing some of the best Nintendocore I've ever heard, this time he presents us with some incredibly awesome hip-hop beats which are incredibly pleasing! (Now if only he'd make more beats and do a split with Malefic Form, haha)
2/13 - NR#236 - Grrrl Number / EXTERNAL / Melting / Mental Crutch / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls / Unwell - 6 Way Split (Bandcamp) - Here's a pretty insane release, the biggest split this label's gotten yet! The variety is just fantastic. This initially started as a 5 way (everyone listed above except Unwell.) I'm no stranger to doing splits with the others, though I've done a split with Dubious Disc as opposed to Melting. I hope the mass variety will make it hold something that tickles your fancy! (Or maybe all of them, that'd rule too.) It should also be noted that this is Grrrl Number's final release ever, RIP.
2/14 - NR#237 - David & The PS3 Games - Love Will Kick You In The Ass - I'm always stoked for a sick new album from David and his army of ravenous PS3 games. David And The PS3 Games always brings something neat to the table! Check it out!

Expect this post every Saturday. Enjoy the free music, much love.
How to even start out? I don't know. This is NOG Records, a label based in Eastern Pennsylvania. I'm gonna try to keep this up to date but given my track record I can't confirm if I will because I'm bad at keeping blogs. This label is a very niche one, bearing releases of noise and chiptune sub-genres, with other various sick genres in between. Expect lots of releases, many of which are cassette. We have 14 already, so raid the store! Stuff's cheap!

NRP#1 - Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Depersonalization CDr; hand painted CDr in jewel case with handpainted cover, xeroxed. Noisy goodness, this one's actually an album by me (if you're reading this, I'm sure you're aware that SFS is me, Pory.) Though I am very critical of my own work, this is one of the best albums I created. $4 USD!! Ltd to 25 copies.

NRP#2 - Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - RADIOWAVES; clear c90s with handwritten labels. This is essentially just me testing with cassette recording as making tapes was (and I guess still is) new to me. This is actually personally one of my least favorite releases, but people seem to like it I guess. It's basically a glitchy mixtape composed of radio static and skipping CD's that are included but not limited to Creed, generic Kidz Bop CD's, and mainstream urban music. This is just an experiment, but it's very limited which makes it a must-have for any NOG collector! No cover art. $3 USD!! Ltd. to 8 copies!

NRP#3 - E. Coli - Out With The Old; clear c90 of glitchy goodness. Lots of remixes guaranteed to melt your brain! E. Coli is the side project of Eric Linares who is the man behind I Killed Techno! $4 USD! Ltd. to 29 copies.

NRP#4 - KANGASKHAN'SBABY - WORST HITS; clear c90 of my old project. Some of you may remember this project as one of the worst projects of all time, well that's kind of the point. For 3 years about, I pelted out tons of anti-music tracks, and everything that wasn't lost, is on this tape. Including the debut EP, and several splits on my half. It has everything I've publicly released (except my half of the split with Star Wolf which nobody seemed to have), plus bonus unreleased tracks (including the two covers that got a decent buzz on my Soundcloud!) $4 USD! Ltd. to 29 copies!

NRP#5 - Mental Crutch / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Ramen Fiends; clear c90. First physical split on the label including noisy goodness from Mental Crutch and some noisy dark ambient-influenced work on SFS's end! Not to mention a sick ass picture of me eating Ramen while wearing a mask for the cover art. ;) $4 USD! Ltd. to 29 copies!

NRP#6 - Mental Crutch - Spaces Filled With Ashes; transparent blue c60. This is Mental Crutch's best album so far in my opinion. It's a masterpiece. They took a dream pop direction for this one and it turned out fantastic. I'm actually almost out of these so buy them while you can! Includes a secret bonus track. ;) $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

NRP#7 - Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Atheist Neckbeard; transparent blue c60. This is another full length album I was particularly proud of (though I still do prefer Depersonalization). This one is a lot more on the harsh side, and has lots of contact mic work on it which is something I've grown incredibly fond of. $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

NRP#8 - M15H4P / Micahcore / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Illumina3; transparent blue c60. This is another split put out on NOG. This time with newcomer M15H4P and one of Micah Jordan's five million projects, Micahcore. M15H4P is weird turntable-heavy noise that kind of reminds me of Portland's Smegma. Micahcore is "sheeeiiitcore", but basically for this release it's like chipgrind. The first taste of chippy stuff available on NOG! And for my half, I just did my typical noise thing. I only have like four of these left at the time of posting this so grab them before they're gone forever! $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

NRP#9 - I Killed Techno! - Dying Is Fun; transparent red c30. I Killed Techno! has been a legend in the scene for years, hailing from Texas, Eric's been in many projects but IKT! has always been his primary pursuit. Digi-punk goodness for everybody to enjoy! $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

NRP#10 - EXTERNAL - WITAGPSITP; pineapple colored c20. This is the first straight up NOG chiptune release, because who doesn't love chiptunes? Plebs. That's who. In this pretty transparent orange tape is 20 mins of chippy goodness for you all to enjoy. EXTERNAL is another one of Micah's ba-jillion projects, hailing from Kentucky. This EP actually kind of started out as a joke because Micah was playing Super Mario Sunshine and commentated about there being a pineapple in the pipe on top of the one building in Delfino Plaza, and I was just like "dude. make an EP about this", and the rest is history! $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

NRP#11 - Dubious Disc - Illex Forest EP; transparent green c17. Ambient reggae influenced chiptune for you done by Blake "The Boriqua" Cecil from Texas. Beautiful sounds for your beautiful souls. Includes a bonus track featuring Micah on vocals as well as a secret hidden bonus track! $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies.

NRP#12 - NOGLEBACK - Krad Choger EP; clear c40. I am not joking at all, this really is an EP of a Nickelback cover band dwelling in the glitch/noise genre. Who wouldn't want to hear Nickelback tracks improved? I mean come on! This masterpiece was created by me and Eric of IKT! This is hands down one of the best things I ever made, and I can't imagine any reason not to own an EP from a harsh, noisy Nickelback cover band. $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

NRP#13 - Broken Key / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls - Goodbye, Hell; transparent blue c60. This release means a lot to me for sentimental reasons. Themed after the ill-fated venue/gallery space, Big Blve Hell. It was a beautiful venue and we housed some amazing shows in such a short run, including Crank Sturgeon, PCRV, Nequam Sonitus, c@ (of Bubblegum Octopus fame), Koala Tea Time, and 185668232 to name a few! Parts of this split were recorded in the space itself while we still had it, and some tracks were recorded inspired by events of the space. I'm generally really happy with how this turned out. BK's half is stellar and I'm pretty stoked on my part even. This is a split I did with one of my best friends and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

NRP#14 - Unconventional Seagulls - Fucking Punctuation; pink CDr in round poly case. Has a hand drawn cover. This was a collaboration entirely made with Seagulls Fucking Seagulls and Unconventional Punctuation. Me and Dan Wasko of UP have been best friends for over 8 years now, and we've been dying to record something together. We got a noise-rock project coming in the summer, hopefully. This album contains 6 noisy tracks we recorded in a period of about 2 hours. Check it out! $4 USD! Ltd. to 25 copies!

Any of these can be yours for super cheap! I also do buy 2 get 1 free deals, with a surprise freebie for every 2 products you purchase from the label. There's also no guarantee that freebie will be a NOG release so expect some awesome surprises in your packages. Please support. All of these can be bought from the Storenvy, or if that somehow messes up, just email me for more details!

<3 keep NOGGIN,