Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NRP#145 - Shotgun Guy / Corvid Canine - Messy Headspace split 7" lathe cut now available!

NRP#145 - Shotgun Guy / Corvid Canine - Messy Headspace split 7" lathe cut

It's finally here, the Shotgun Guy / Corvid Canine lathe cut. Supplies are very limited on this one, and anyone who likes lathes, Nintendogrind, or cybergrind should definitely hop on this.

This is a lathe cut, it will play on your record player, but keep in mind these are hand made in real time one by one by one human being. They won't be as super quality as vinyl, they may act silly, that is due to it being hand made, but that means there's love put into every groove. Pressed by Funky Frankenstein ( in October 2015.

Single sided, 6 minutes of rad jamz, clear square lathe, limited to 27 copies. I have like 12 of my own.

Shotgun Guy is a Nintendocore legend in the making, with great production and hard hitting chippy instrumentals that will make your heart melt. Any music project Micah touches ends up being a beautiful thing that everybody should hear for sure.

Corvid Canine is a cybergrind act from Georgia who's been making sounds I absolutely adore for years, not to mention the guy behind it is a human being I adore. For fans of intense cybergrind, and being spooked. A must-listen every time he produces something.

Snag it while you can!!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NRP#144 - Melodic Vomit - My Casio Haz A Sad now available!

NRP#144 - Melodic Vomit - My Casio Haz A Sad now available!

2010 was quite the year, MySpace pretty much died, the video game Street Fighter 2010 took place, and Melodic Vomit dropped this demo.

It's been 5 years, but at least it exists in physical format after being a digital release all this time. Still a great EP to listen to. Side project of Eric of I Killed Techno!/E. Coli/Totally Pissed Off/etc. Sad casio songs, lo-fi fun.

Limited to 25 copies, white c15

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

NRP#143 - Tyrant Flycatcher / Tape Monster - Split now available!

NRP#143 - Tyrant Flycatcher / Tape Monster - Split

Look at all the piggies, here is a new split between Tyrant Flycatcher and Tape Monster. Each act supplies one track, both of which are on the noisy side. Tyrant Flycatcher comes out with sort of a blackened noise sound while Tape Monster has weird tones and feedback and chaos.

Spraypainted pink c10. /25

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NRP#142 - CRITIC / Shitnoise Bastards - Split now available!

NRP#142 - CRITIC / Shitnoise Bastards - Split 

Check it out! An old split between two of the hottest noisecore bands, finally made physical. Both very energetic well done noisy grind bands. You can't go wrong with either! C20, spraypainted citrus green (CRITIC) on one side, and black (Shitnoise Bastards) on the other side. /25

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