Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NRP#18 - Corvid Canine / Micahcore - Split

Corvid Canine / Micahcore - Split cassette available now at NOG! 

I've been excited for this little split EP for awhile, as it's done by two of my favorite people ever, and I'm honored to be able to release some Corvid Canine stuff on NOG over the next few months. This is the first straight up cybergrindy release on NOG, which is awesome because I've been wanting to do something from the genre for ages because I'm really fond of it. Corvid Canine is Matthew Borders, hailing from Georgia. He usually releases on our good friends Kitty On Fire Records, in which I own a lot of his releases on CD and they're awesome. Micahcore as you know is Micah, obviously; his second split tape on NOG. (A couple copies of his last split are still available, get them while you still can!) Tape is on a clear c10.

You can download the split / sample it for free! Limited to 25 copies, $4.

If you dig it, please buy a copy! <3

Another new tape is probably coming out tomorrow, get stoked.

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