Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation is out!

Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation is out!

This isn't a NOG release, but still something I felt I should share. Being a noise artist from Pennsylvania, this compilation is very important to me. RJ Myato of Kill Collector Culture has taken the past few months to assemble this compilation. While I do know a lot of PA noisers did sit out for this (sadly), it still managed to reach 38 tracks from 38 noisy projects from all around the keystone state. He did a wonderful job and I wanted to share that with the NOG fans, since many of you are indeed from Pennsylvania. I have two tracks on there; Tape Monster and The Butterfield Conspiracy. There's other great ones like Daywand, RJ, 185668232, Whoopsydaisy, and several others I look forward to discovering and hopefully befriending! Check it out, it's a free download. Can't go wrong with that! The One Nation Under Noise project is really cool, and already has California, Hawaii, and Florida released as well. North Carolina and Michigan are currently underway as well, the latter by my buddy Jay of Placenta! So check it out, discover noisy people in areas you may or may not live in!

Free download!

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