Saturday, March 28, 2015

NRP#97 - An Homage To Gothic-Lemons (compilation tape) now available!

NRP#97 - An Homage To Gothic-Lemons (compilation tape)
Here's the new NOG compilation tape, "An Homage To Gothic-Lemons", an anything goes compilation I conducted late last year / early this year.

Includes awesome tracks by: Gas Station Of Love, Your Fucking Grandparents, Whoopsydaisy, Shitnoise Bastards, Mental Crutch, N0123NOISE, Tape Monster, Slamm Andrews Tribute Band, Chalk Harmonica Vibe, Pulsemachine, Death Fetish & 185668232, Dr. Dank, Unwell, RJ Myato, ZoDiaCMaSSaCrE, Dungeon Grunge, Extreme Hair Stench, and REZEEGTNUK!

Check it out, limited to 50 copies, on a solid red c62

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