Saturday, August 15, 2015

NRP#128 - Corvid Canine - Myosotis now available!

NRP#128 - Corvid Canine - Myosotis

Spooky cybergrind from Georgia, commanded by one of my favorite people. I'm sure most of you are no strangers to Corvid Canine but for those of you who are, you're in for a treat if you like top notch grind.

This EP was originally intended to be a 5" lathe record but that was scrapped for a Corvid Canine split lathe 7" that will hopefully hit your record players with muddy mono audio in the next few months, stay tuned for that. When scrapped, we decided to put it out on tape, so I present to you, Myosotis! Clocking in at just under 5 minutes this is a grind EP you need.

Full EP is on both sides of the tape.

Black c10 / limited to 25 copies

download it for free / stream it oooo
own the tape !!

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