Monday, July 4, 2016

Update 7/4/2016

Hello, friends! I am here to update you with new stuff because I haven't been posting the past few new releases + I have more cool big news

NRP#177 - NERVE - Failures Of now available!!

From a cool friend in the UK (who is also responsible for Feral which I also released fairly recently). Some beautiful harsh noise from this project's end. Green c80 in a soft poly case (full album on both sides of tape). Check it out! Only 25 copies!

Buy a copy!

NRP#178 - EXTERNAL - Cheese Ball GB EP now available!

Chiptune act, EXTERNAL, comes at you with a brand new EP. This time approaching a more chiprock sort of sound. Yellow c25 in a soft poly case (full EP on both sides of tape) 36 copies!

Buy a copy!

NRP#179 - BLEEDERS - s/t now available!

The debut EP from one of the best bands to come from this area in my opinion. Feminist z-beat from the magical land of KUTZTOWN. Very cool no-wavey catchy songs. Don't miss out on this one! 53 copies available!

Buy a copy!

 And for the final announcement...




EVERY single NOG release is now available for your streaming and downloading pleasure via Bandcamp! That's 179 releases (probably more by the time you read this!)
Everything is pay what you want (free)! Go crazy on the downloads, buy physicals if you really like anything!!


Much love to everyone <3

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