Thursday, February 27, 2014

NRP#17 - Esion Vs. Hallucinocide / Fun With Dead Things - Split cassette now available!

I'm actually really stoked about releasing this. This is a split of brand new tracks from the harsh collab of Esion and Hallucinocide, and the raw noisecore beauty of Fun With Dead Things. From the creator of Sludgesicle Records, Mike Sludgesicle and V (Bucket of Piss), we have 3 amazing projects on this super sick 2 way split! Two harsh tracks from EvsH, and a handful of awesome noisecore from FWDT. Tape is on a clear c40, and is limited to 25 copies! Buy a copy here or contact me for other possible means of purchasing a tape! $4. Support! :3

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