Friday, February 14, 2014

Free NOG Downloads 2/9/14-2/15/14

I'm going to be posting downloads to all the free downloads in the NOG digital catalogue every week now on Saturday! They can be accessed when released on the Facebook.

2/11 - NR#234 - Micahcore - Bad People; Bad Songs (Bandcamp) - A little grind EP from Micahcore. 3 tracks of noisy grindy spazzy goodness! Expect a business card CDr of it in spring!
2/12 - NR#235 - Are You Afraid Of The Dog - Life's A Mitch (Mediafire) - I've been waiting for this for awhile, AYAOTD is a long time veteran of our beautiful scene we've crafted. Typically bearing some of the best Nintendocore I've ever heard, this time he presents us with some incredibly awesome hip-hop beats which are incredibly pleasing! (Now if only he'd make more beats and do a split with Malefic Form, haha)
2/13 - NR#236 - Grrrl Number / EXTERNAL / Melting / Mental Crutch / Seagulls Fucking Seagulls / Unwell - 6 Way Split (Bandcamp) - Here's a pretty insane release, the biggest split this label's gotten yet! The variety is just fantastic. This initially started as a 5 way (everyone listed above except Unwell.) I'm no stranger to doing splits with the others, though I've done a split with Dubious Disc as opposed to Melting. I hope the mass variety will make it hold something that tickles your fancy! (Or maybe all of them, that'd rule too.) It should also be noted that this is Grrrl Number's final release ever, RIP.
2/14 - NR#237 - David & The PS3 Games - Love Will Kick You In The Ass - I'm always stoked for a sick new album from David and his army of ravenous PS3 games. David And The PS3 Games always brings something neat to the table! Check it out!

Expect this post every Saturday. Enjoy the free music, much love.

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