Thursday, February 20, 2014

NRP#15 - We All Hope For Happiness In A Sad, Sad World - Self Titeld EP cassette out now!

It's finally here, the first NOG Records screamo release! It's the self titled EP of We All Hope For Happiness In A Sad, Sad World! This is a project that's done by Micah who's known for like 500 other projects, most of which also release on NOG. He always brings lots of awesome stuff to the table. Joining him for this EP, new member, Handsome Daniel who's also behind the project Unwell. They're actually going to be a 3-piece now after this, with Azaria Chamberlain / He's Lying, Kill Him member, Toby Nye, on bass. This EP is a short sweet piece of beauty that's on a clear c10 with painted labels, housed in a soft poly tape case. It's available on the Storenvy or you can contact me some way or somehow to arrange another way to obtain it! You can also get it for free here.

If you dig it, buy a copy, $4 USD. Limited to 25 copies, hand numbered.

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